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At Parker Cromwell & Associates, We know light industrial & labor jobs provide the engine for any supply chain business. These workers are critical to the day-to-day operations and that makes them invaluable. Our thorough process ensures that the candidate we place is the one who will do the best job for the duration of their role.

General labor & light industrial jobs in Chicagoland are abundant, and Parker Cromwell & Associates is here to help you find the right one for your skills and experience. We offer general labor & light industrial jobs that have immediate hiring needs and will help grow your experience in finding a better career.  Whether you are looking for a full-time or part-time position, we can help you find the right general labor & light industrial job in the Chicagoland area. Our mission is to help you fulfill your potential & goals by finding the right career for you.

General labor & light industrial jobs are also a great way to get your foot in the door of a company you are interested in. Many general labor jobs lead to other, more specialized positions within a company.  If you are looking for general labor jobs in the Chicagoland area, then Parker Cromwell & Associates in Countryside, IL. can help:

  • General Assembly Labor – If you like working with your hands, general assembly might be the perfect general labor job for you. As an assembler, you would be responsible for putting together products. This could include everything from small parts to large appliances.
  • Packing Labor – Do you have an eye for detail and are organized? If so, general packing might be the perfect job for you. As a packer, you would be responsible for packaging products.
  • Warehouse Racking – If you are strong and enjoy working with your hands, a warehouse racking set-up job might be the perfect general labor job for you. As a warehouse rack set-up worker, you would be responsible for setting up racks in a warehouse.
  • Trade Show Staffing – Trade shows are an effective strategy for showcasing a company’s products or services. If you like being in the thick of the action, a trade show staffing job might be the job for you.
  • Order Picking – Warehouses are always on the hunt for qualified order pickers. This career entails picking products from shelves and packing them into boxes for shipment. If you’re interested in becoming an order picker, now is the perfect time to start.
  • Material Handling – Material handlers are responsible for moving materials & products around the warehouse. This is an important role in the warehouse & distribution industry. Companies are looking to work with aspiring material handlers who can learn & navigate their jobs quickly. If you are looking for a job that involves physical activity, material handling could be the job for you.
  • Assembly Manufacturing – Working in an assembly manufacturing job is a great way to get started in the manufacturing industry. You will be responsible for putting together parts & products according to specifications.
  • Quality Control – Quality control ensures the quality of the products & parts manufactured in a manufacturing facility. You will need to be detailed and be able to identify any problems with the products.
  • Shipping & Receiving – The shipping & receiving department is responsible for getting products and parts in and out of the manufacturing facility. This can be a challenging task, but with the proper skills and experience, it can be a very rewarding job.
  • Supervisor Manufacturing – If you are a leader and want to make a difference in the manufacturing industry, then a supervisor manufacturing job may be the right job for you.  You will be responsible for overseeing the manufacturing process and ensuring that it is running efficiently & safely.
  • Batch Maker – Responsible for preparing batches of products in manufacturing or production facilities. They follow specific recipes or formulas and ensure that the batches are mixed and prepared to meet the required standards and specifications.
  • Skilled Labor – Workers who possess specialized training, education, or experience in a particular trade or occupation, enabling them to perform complex tasks that require specific technical knowledge and expertise. Skilled laborers have a higher level of skill compared to unskilled labor, which involves tasks that can be learned quickly and do not require specialized training.  Skilled laborers often undergo formal education, apprenticeships, or on-the-job training to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for their specific trade or profession.

Finding general labor & light industrial jobs in the Chicagoland area is easy when you know where to look. You no longer have to hunt around job boards, general labor & light industrial jobs are now right at your fingertips.   Parker Cromwell & Associates offers over 50 years of experience in helping job hunters find general labor & light industrial  jobs in the Chicagoland area they are looking for. We know the general labor job market in Chicagoland and can help you find general labor & light maintenance jobs that match your skills & experience.

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