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We know managing nursing credentials can be a time-consuming part of the job. That’s why Parker Cromwell Healthcare does the hard work for you. We fully credential every nurse, store the credentials and documents in our secure CRM, and give your facility access to those records whenever you need them.  With our large Chicagoland nursing network, we can tailor a staffing solution that fits your needs. With Parker Cromwell Healthcare, we have got you covered when it comes to nurse staffing.

If you are a facility manager in the Chicagoland area, Parker Cromwell Healthcare gives you the ability to quickly fill open shifts. By connecting your open shift needs to our large network of available nurses and caregivers in your area, you save time, money and stress.  At Parker Cromwell Healthcare, we pride ourselves on being able to act fast so we can quickly place nurses in healthcare facilities. Before we can get the ball rolling in finding you nursing shifts throughout the Chicagoland area, there are several factors that go into nurse placement. The first step is reaching out to us so we can connect and learn more about you and your experience to ensure it’s a good fit for all involved.

Parker Cromwell’s Healthcare Nursing Staffing Agency Benefits

We are completely automated with the latest state-of-the-art technology and our database consists of hundreds of candidates for the selection process. Provide us with your parameters and we will identify only those candidates who meet your specific needs. If there are unique skills or stringent guidelines, we will design a specific search and will recruit from the appropriate industry.

Flexibility: Our nursing staffing solutions allow healthcare facilities to fill in gaps in their workforce due to vacations, illness, or sudden increases in patient volume. This helps ensure that patient care is not compromised, and the facility can maintain its staffing levels without having to hire additional full-time staff.

Reduced Administrative Burden: We handle the administrative tasks associated with hiring and managing nursing staff, including background checks, payroll, and scheduling. This frees up time and resources for your healthcare facility to focus on providing high-quality patient care.

Cost-effective: Cost-effective solution for healthcare facilities, especially when compared to the cost of recruiting, hiring, and training new staff.

Expertise & Support: A team of experts who can provide support and guidance to healthcare facilities on staffing issues, industry trends, and regulatory compliance. This can be especially valuable for smaller healthcare facilities that may not have the resources to devote to these areas.

The screening process for our temporary nursing candidates is every bit as rigorous as the methods we use for our permanent placement candidates.  Parker Cromwell Healthcare has provided many acute care facilities all over the Chicagoland area with high-tech specialty RN's, working with dozens of diverse clients and their unique staffing needs. The reason for our success is that the staff at Parker Cromwell Healthcare is genuinely concerned about your facility and the quality care and dignity of your patients.

Nursing Staffing Jobs:

  • AMB Ambulatory
  • ANES Anesthesia
  • CALL On-Call
  • CAMP First Aid
  • CCOR Clinical Coordinator
  • CLIN Clinic
  • CM Case Management
  • DENT Dental Office
  • DIAL Dialysis
  • ECRN Endocrinology
  • ER  Emergency Room
  • HH Home Health
  • IMC Immediate Care
  • IM-S Internal Medicine
  • OCC Occupational Health
  • ONC Oncology
  • OT Occupational Therapy
  • PEDS Pediatrics
  • PT Physical Therapy
  • RN Nursing
  • RAD Radiology
  • URGT Urgent Care
  • & More
How We Can Help Staff Your Business

The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we can discuss your options and how best to help you achieve the results that you need in your situation. To schedule a free consultation, call us at 708-352-8350 or send us an email.

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